Math Makes Sense Assessment Booklets Samples (Rubrics Included!) SEE BELOW:
(The problems are copyright Pearson Education Canada. To be used within the Math Makes Sense purchased resources)

To download the Math Makes Sense Assessment Booklets Samples, simply click HERE.

NOTE: Look for the folders called "AFQ HQ" and "ABC 123" as well as "Reflect". Feel free to download anything else in any of the other folders. (But please do not add or alter the files within Dropbox)

ASSESSMENT FOCUS BOOKLET:  Personally, I would use this during class time as an individual problem-solving activity.  You could do this at the end of the lesson, or give it to the students at the beginning of the next lesson as a kind of review.  Either way, encourage students to show as much learning as they can (while being efficient).  Over time, have them mark themselves with the rubric BEFORE handing it in. I would also spend 15 minutes at the end of each day marking the class set.  At first, it will take longer than 15 minutes, but you'll get more and more efficient at it as time goes on. This way, you'll see where students are at EVERY DAY, and not just at the end of the unit, after the unit test. It's a way to keep on top of things during the unit.  If you notice that some students are slipping behind, you can address that by altering the problems, changing the "Explore", or by using the Step-by-Step Masters.  See "Reaching All Learners" in EACH lesson for more ideas (as found in the ProGuide).

REFLECT BOOKLET: You could send these home with a note to parents to let them know that their child will be exploring this type of math throughout the year.  If you choose to do this, you might want to send home each unit individually, a few days before you start the unit.  This gives parents and students time to engage in the deep thinking needed throughout the unit. As well, you could keep the booklet at school and use it like a math journal.  Feel free to use it every day, or just use it when you think students need to do some more deep thinking around a specific area.